For compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD (EU 2016/679)), any client wishing to register on our website must accept our Privacy Policy.

Responsible for personal information

ShopDutyFree Sale SL, Alt Gironella, nº 11, 5ª, 08017 Barcelona.

What personal data do we collect?

You must specify what information you collect from users (for example, their IP addresses, from what type of device they navigate, cookies, duration of the visit and pages visited, their email, telephone number, name, shipping address and billing address, etc ... )

In ShopDutyFree we collect your personal data in order to offer you a quality service, this data is used to deliver the purchases you make in our online store and to send you special promotions, if you wish. The information you provide is the following: first and last name, date of birth (see section automated processes), delivery address, zip code, billing address, phone, email.

We also automatically store the information you generate when using our services, this can be your IP address that allows us to prevent fraudulent payments, in addition to your cookies (see the cookies section) that show us the product you visit the most and your (-s ) abandoned cart (-s) (-s).

Also, if you want to leave your opinion about the service or the product provided, it will be posted on our website but your personal information will not be shown publicly, except for your name.

We do not store your financial data on our website, and you will only be asked for the bank account number when there is no other method to refund your money, this number will not be stored in our records either.

Who has access to your data?

In ShopDutyFree we share your data with the following third parties:

  • Complete payments: Amazon Payments, PayPal, SoFort and Redsys.
  • Preparation and management of shipments: Seur.
  • Make deliveries and / or returns: Seur, MRW, FedEx, UPS and Correos. In addition to TNT, DPD and BRT in international shipments.
  • Customer service: OBSolutions, a specialized multilingual team, dedicated to solve any problem you may have or doubt that you need to solve by telephone.
  • Marketing Services: Google, Google Analytics, Google Adwords Google Adsense, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Why do we save your data?

We save your data for the following purposes:

  • Analytical purposes: we use your cookies to analyze your activity in order to improve our website.
  • Your preferences and user experience: we store your user preferences on our website through cookies, to make your user experience personalized and comfortable.
  • Marketing: We use cookies from external partners, such as Google and Facebook, for marketing purposes, which allow us to show you promotional material of ShopDutyFree in other sites that you visit on the Internet. ShopDutyFree may also share such information about your behavior on the website with third parties (such as third party site operators or social networking sites) to show you specific advertisements and other content that has been customized for you.
  • Security purposes: limit some types of cyber attacks.
  • Test purposes, ease of use and performance improvements: we use cookies to ensure that you enjoy a consistent user experience while performing A / B tests on some aspects of our Site to improve the products we offer. We also use cookies to improve the performance and reliability of our site.
  • Prevention of fraud and spam: we use cookies during fraud reviews and investigations.

How long do we save your data?

We keep your personal data indefinitely so that you can use our services continuously, although you can always request to delete or modify your data.

How can you rectify, modify or delete your personal data?

If by chance you want to rectify, modify or delete your personal data, you have to send us an email, call our phone or through an account. If you call or write an email, you have to make sure that you are the owner of the ShopDutyFree account and briefly describe what you want us to do with the information you have provided.

Automated processes

By accepting our privacy policy, you agree to receive help from Chatbots, robots that will guide you through our online store to receive a complete experience, as well as send you emails and SMS messages about the status of your order that are sent automatically . As well as receiving a notification about the availability of the product, as long as you have activated it from the file of said product beforehand. You also accept discounts when leaving your shopping carts, these discounts consist of a code that will reduce the final price of the product you have visited, with the requirement that you have previously registered. Likewise, we send a weekly Newsletter with the condition that you are subscribed to this one, for which we send future promotions or discount codes for your birthday for which the date of birth, previously mentioned, is requested.